Discusses Changes Due to 9/11

Roundtable with authors who revised their booksafter the terrorist attacks
Books That Changed After 9/11: roundtable with authors who revised their books after the terrorist attacks image: 911change.gif, a website from The Book Report Network, assembled a group of seven authors who revised their books-in-progress as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Authors Jennifer Blake, William Carman, Bruce Feiler, Jim Fusilli, Philip Jolowicz, Earl Merkel, and Lori Woolridge share where they were on September 11th, why they made changes in their books, and the emotions they experienced while writing during this difficult time.

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"In conversation with authors over the past few months, we heard many stories from writers who had to revise their work after the events of 9/11," said Carol Fitzgerald, co-Founder and President of The Book Report Network. "This look at the impact of the attacks had not been explored previously, and we felt it would be interesting to readers and other authors."

Quotes from the 9/11 Roundtable:
"That morning I had completed Chapter 10. In this chapter, my couple escape to the United States, then realize that the woman's Islamic stepbrother, a militia officer with connections to Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda, has preceded them in order to carry out a jihad of revenge against Wade and his family. I hit "Save" on my computer and went upstairs to have morning coffee while watching CNBC with my husband. I was just in time to catch the first report of a plane crashing into one of the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center." --- Jennifer Blake, on writing Wade the morning of September 11th.

"Hitts and Mrs. was at that time a book about a man who died suddenly in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the secret life he left behind. That story died with many of my friends that day." --- Lori Woolridge, on revising Hitts and Mrs.

"The book was originally entitled Towers of Silence and the artwork that had been finalized a day earlier showed the Twin Towers with vultures circling around it." --- Philip Jolowicz, on the original title of Walls of Silence.