iUniverse Announces Hardcover Books Printed On-Demand

Free hardcover edition promotion during the month of September
iUniverse has announced the addition of hardcover books to its author publishing programs. The professional-grade books include a durable cloth binding, embossed spine, and a full-color dust jacket. The hardcover books fill a particular need for providing signed author copies, keepsakes, or holiday gifts. Authors who publish with iUniverse during the month of September will receive a free hardcover edition that will be ready in time for the holidays.

iUniverse is partnering with Lightning Source Inc., a leader in print-on-demand technology, to produce the new hardcover books. Lightning Source and iUniverse have worked together since 1999, and both companies have been instrumental in driving the growth of the print-on-demand technology and market.

"We are focused on providing the best possible services to our authors and we are pleased to introduce this new binding option for our customers," said Kimra Hawley, iUniverse's Chief Executive Officer. "The on-demand binding technology continues to mature and we think it is the ideal time to bring this new high-quality format to the market. iUniverse authors can publish their works in an attractive and memorable hardcover format in time for the upcoming gift-giving seasons."

"We are pleased to be assisting iUniverse in expanding the options they provide to their authors with our hardcover product offering," said J. Kirby Best, President & CEO of Lightning Source Inc. "Lightning Source's hardcover one-book-at-a-time technology has provided the publishing community yet another high-quality, industry-leading tool to fulfill customer and author requirements."