A New Chapter in Publicity, en Español

Publicists explore the Spanish-language book market
The largest book publicity firm in Texas, Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, is charting a new course into undiscovered territory by becoming one of the first literary publicity firms to enter a new market that is busting at the seams -- the Spanish-language book market in the U.S.

"The Latino population is the fastest-growing segment of American society. It's also the youngest. This market has been terribly under-served and is hungry for material, especially material that reflects their participation in American culture and society," said Gus Gonzalez III, Client Development, Libros en Español, at Phenix and Phenix.

The Spanish-language book market has long been ignored, however, it's potential for growth and profitability make it an attractive enterprise for the entire book industry.

"The fact is, there's already a wealth of Spanish-language books being published by both U.S. and international publishers that simply never see the light of day because of the lack of publicity in the U.S. If publishing houses dedicated more publicity and scheduled more events for their books in Spanish, I'm sure they'd be seeing huge profits. Publishers should hire bilingual publicists who know how to reach out to this very easy to reach Spanish-speaking community that loves to buy books," said Adriana Lopez, Editor of Críticas Magazine.

After an in-depth scrutiny of the market and a systematic expansion over the next five years, which includes a Spanish-language division, Phenix & Phenix plans to enter this previously undiscovered market. A strong track record of building bestsellers, proven credentials amongst the media, and professional savvy ensure that Phenix and Phenix can meet the challenge of promoting and publicizing Spanish-language titles to Spanish-language media in the U.S.

"We firmly believe in the market for Spanish-language books in the United States. Publishers, both abroad as well as domestic, have thousands of interesting, timely, and helpful titles to offer Spanish-language readers. It's an incredibly exciting time to be a part of this market," said Gonzalez.

Phenix & Phenix is based in Austin, Texas, which is located near two large Spanish-language book markets in the U.S.: San Antonio and the Lower Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas. Familiarity with the market and with the Spanish-language media, coupled with its ability to adapt to the book industry's ever-changing marketplace, bode well for Phenix and Phenix in creating best-selling books and successful publicity and promotional campaigns, en Espanol.