iUniverse and Kensington Publishing Announce Partnership

Innovative Publishing Opportunity Provides Authors With An Additional Route To Success
Authors who publish with iUniverse and find market success will now have the opportunity to have their titles considered for print publication by Kensington Publishing Corp., which publishes 7% of the mass-market books sold in the U.S.

Under the new partnership, the best-selling iUniverse romance titles will have a chance to land straight on the desk of an editor at Kensington Publishing. iUniverse, the clear leader in independent publishing, and Kensington, which publishes fiction and nonfiction in all formats and which, through its Zebra Books imprint, remains America's largest publisher of romance fiction, have chosen to partner to in pursuit of new talent. This co-venture provides a path to a traditional publisher, which helps both authors and agents.

The partnership is simple - Kensington always on the lookout for promising new writers and iUniverse is one of the leading sources to find these authors. Kensington publishes dozens of original works from first time authors each year and has nurtured the careers of well-known romance authors such as Lisa Jackson and Kat Martin. iUniverse launched the career of recent New York Times Best-Seller Laurie Notaro and allows everyone the opportunity to publish, while keeping the costs low - a new author can get their manuscript published as a quality trade paperback book for as little as $159.

"We have many great authors and the Kensington partnership validates that fact," said Kimra Hawley, iUniverse's Chief Executive Officer, "Kensington is the number one U.S. based publisher of romance titles, and we feel this partnership is a way for our best-selling authors in this popular category to achieve success."

In fact, Kensington has already picked up several iUniverse authors prior to the announcement of the official partnership, including Ruby Ann Boxcar, author of Ruby Ann's Down Home Trailer Park Cookbook, now working on her third book in the series for Kensington, after publishing the initial ground-breaking effort with iUniverse.

"iUniverse has proven its leadership position, providing a level of quality production and support to self-published authors that has helped them to reach their audiences and, for many, bring their books to the attention of established publishers," says Steven Zacharius, President of Kensington Publishing. He also comments, "We're excited about this new partnership. Focusing our resources to discover new talent is a long standing commitment at Kensington that has brought us great success and satisfaction. Our alliance with iUniverse, a company that works with some of the best independently published authors and continues to attract an amazing range of new and ambitious writers, offers us the opportunity to further expand and enhance those efforts."

Kensington Publishing Corp., located in New York, was established in 1974. The company remains the only independent, full-line publishing house in the United States, as well as the foremost American publisher of romance books. Kensington Publishing publishes in all formats-hardcover, trade paperback and mass market. Its imprints include Kensington Books, Citadel Press, Dafina Books, Twin Streams, Zebra Books, Pinnacle Books, Lyle Stuart, Ballad Romances, Zebra Regency Romance, and Brava.