Jan Yager’s Book Promotion Boot Camp

Friday, October 18th - Midtown Manhattan, New York
Whether you are self-published or published by a small or major publishing company, whether this is your first book or your 5th, this seminar will help you to take a more active role in the promotion of your book. Authors who understand the basics of book promotion, including the time line for promoting a new book, as well as techniques for continuing to get publicity even after a book is no longer new, will increase the likelihood that they will get attention rather than ignored.

Book Promotion Boot Camp is an interactive all-day seminar that includes lectures as well as discussion opportunities. An overview of the book publishing industry today as well as the basic of book promotion, working more effectively with a publisher's publicity department, the publicist you hire, or getting yourself booked, are some of the key goals of the day.

Seminar leader Jan Yager, Ph.D. (sociology) began her publishing career at Macmillan Publishing Company, in the school division, followed by a year working at Grove Press Inc. as an editor and Director of Foreign and Subsidiary Rights as well as doing some acquisitions and publicity. She founded Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc. (http://www.hannacroixcreekbooks.com) in 1996.

Her 20 published books, include When Friendship Hurts (Simon & Schuster, Fireside Books, July 2002), Friendshifts (Hannacroix Creek Books, 1997, 2nd ed., 1999), and her latest book, When Friendship Hurts: How to Deal With Friends Who Betray, Abandon, or Wound You (Fireside, $13). She and the new book got coverage in The Wall Street Journal this summer, and she appeared on Good Morning America on Sept. 30th.

Jan has also been interviewed on Oprah, The View, The Today Show (4 times), The O'Reilly Factor (2 times), NPR, and hundreds of other TV and radio shows, been on multiple author tours of 3 to 11 cities (most recently in July 2002 to Dallas, Minneapolis, and Chicago) as well as quoted in Time, People, The New York Times, Reader's Digest, The New Yorker, USA Today, Self, Glamour, YM, Fortune, etc. Jan is also author of two suspense novels, co-authored with her husband Fred Yager: Untimely Death and Just Your Everyday People.

Guest speakers include:
Steve Cohen, producer, The Early Show (CBS Network); formerly with ABC Radio
Mike Katz, Director, Merchandise Planning, Barnesandnoble.com
Scott Manning, Scott Manning & Associates, publicist for Black Hawk Down
Warren Levinson, producer and host, Associated Press radio
Richard Laermer, heads his own pr firm with author clients as well as author of numerous books including Trendspotting, featured on The Today Show

More information online or call toll-free (800) 431-1579.