ABA Launches Publisher Editing Features of Online Book Buyer's Handbook

Will allow publishers to view and update their company information online at any time
The American Booksellers Association has officially launched the Publisher Editing Tools feature of the Book Buyer's Handbook online at http://handbook.bookweb.org/. The editing tools allow publishers, wholesalers, and distributors listed in the Handbook database to view and update their company information online at any time.

In addition, a new enhancement provides for the display of a company's special offers and short-term discounts at the end of its standard Handbook listing. The convenient Web interface makes it easy for publishers to ensure that booksellers have the most up-to-date information about their terms and special offers.

Over the next few weeks, each publisher, wholesaler, and distributor in the Handbook database will receive a letter that includes its unique, one-time activation code. The letters are being sent to company personnel who have been responsible for updating past editions of the Handbook in print. The code will allow the recipient to create a User Name and Password that can be used at any time to:
* view the company listing;
* electronically send corrections or more complete information about ordering, returns, discount, co-op, etc.;
* and provide information on all short-term special offers.

While the activation code will allow a publisher to view and update only its own listing, all publishers, wholesalers, and distributors who have joined ABA as Associate members can view all Handbook listings. (Using their company ABA ID number to create a User Name and Password at http://www.bookweb.org/m-bin/login, they can view the complete Handbook by entering through the "Members Enter Here" link on the Handbook homepage.)

Questions about access to the publisher editing features of the Handbook online should be addressed to handbook@bookweb.org or call (800) 637-0037, ext. 1263 or 1261. For information about becoming a member of ABA, e-mail info@bookweb.org; call ext. 1292 or 1293, or visit the website.