3,700 Experts and 17,000 Articles Accessible On Your Handheld

Town Compass Puts A Concise World Book Encyclopedia 2003 on Palm OS™
Extending its reach into the digital market, World Book, Inc., has published a concise version of its award-winning 22-volume general reference set for viewing on Palm OS handhelds. Town Compass, LLC has created The World Book Concise Encyclopedia 2003 Palm OS Edition. The 17,000+ entry product operates on the popular Town Compass DataViewer format for Palm OS.

"For almost a century, World Book has been producing the world's most up-to-date and popular encyclopedias," said Michael Ross, Executive Vice President and Publisher of World Book. "We partnered with Town Compass to deliver a concise version of The World Book on the Palm devices to extend the reach of this best-selling product. We looked at many possible partners for delivering The World Book on handheld devices. Town Compass provided the most flexibility and speed to market for a product as complex as The World Book on the Palm devices. We were impressed with the product and the dedication of the Town Compass team."

"Simple, dependable and everything that you want - this is the real deal," said Eric Makus, President and co-founder of Town Compass. "It does what it's supposed to do - and that is to provide easy access to a trusted brand of reliable information. Town Compass compressed the opening paragraph of every article in The World Book into this tiny electronic device and offers an extremely positive user experience. In 3 taps, you receive a definitive explanation that you can trust."

The World Book Encyclopedia is available in print, on CD-ROM, and online, and is widely available in homes, libraries, schools, and businesses around the world. It is the most rigorously updated general encyclopedia on the market. Now a concise version of this unique product is available on handhelds through Town Compass. The World Book Concise Encyclopedia 2003 Palm OS Edition is distributed online via PocketDirectory.com(r) and on CD-ROM via Topics Entertainment www.Topics-Ent.com. Town Compass will also be releasing the World Book for Palm OS on SD Cards.

People on the go can now have more than 17,000 articles available to them, virtually at their fingertips, with The World Book Concise Encyclopedia 2003 Palm OS Edition for handhelds. Town Compass DataViewer software and reference products are available for download from www.PocketDirectory.com. Users can also download the World Book for Palm OS product at major handheld distribution web sites like www.Handango.com, and others.

World Book, Inc. is based in Chicago, Illinois, and an industry leader in the production of references, library services, and encyclopedias for schools, libraries, and homes. World Book's best-selling products include The World Book Encyclopedia, The Student Discovery Encyclopedia, The World Book of People and Places, and World Book Online.

Developing partnerships with leaders in the field of technology, World Book, Inc., constantly strives to create innovative products and programs that extend beyond printed reference materials without leaving tradition behind. Since 1917, World Book has set the standard for providing accuracy, objectivity, and reliability in research materials for children, students, and adults.