Ingram - Grupo ILHSA Agreement

Booksellers and librarians gain "one-stop" accessto Spanish-language titles
Ingram Book Group, a leading wholesaler of trade books and related products, and Grupo ILHSA, Argentina's leading bookseller, today announced an agreement that will provide wholesale distribution of Spanish-language titles published outside the United States to Ingram library and bookstore customers. This latest enhancement to Ingram's OneSource program makes ordering Spanish-language titles from Spanish-language publishers as convenient and cost-effective as buying books from a domestic source.

"Ingram has identified and eliminated the barriers preventing access to Spanish-language books from other countries," said James E. Chandler, Chief Commercial Officer of Ingram Book Group. "In the past, librarians and booksellers were limited to product that was already imported, often finding it over priced, worn from shipping and storage, or only available sporadically. Now ordering these 70,000 Spanish-language titles will involve the same reliable, one-stop process as ordering any book from Ingram, with the same standard discount as domestic product, the same return policy, and the same high-quality product standards."

Ingram's agreement with ILHSA comes, in part, from the strong growth in the Spanish-language book market fostered by domestic publishers. Our current suppliers will benefit from the sales trend analysis that this broad title offering will afford Ingram. ILHSA, offering over 125,000 individual titles in its large-format stores, is the ideal source for the additional titles. Grupo ILHSA is the largest bookstore operator in Argentina-a country unique among the Spanish-book markets for its wide range of titles and strong domestic publishing industry. Not only is Argentina a great crossroads of Spanish-language publishing, but it is also a sophisticated nation of readers as evidenced by the chain, El Ateneo-ILHSA bookstores that have been operated for over 90 years.

The addition of over 70,000 best-selling Spanish-language titles is a milestone in Ingram's bibliographic database efforts. Over the past five years, Ingram has invested heavily in the technology to provide the most reliable, up-to-date title detail and publicity information through its ipage(r) web service and companion(r) CD-ROM. Now Ingram will be able to provide subscribers with the highest level of data on Spanish-language titles as well. ILHSA is widely regarded as the source for Spanish-language publisher information. By adding their data to existing tools, Ingram customers will have access to unparalleled information in a growing market niche.

"We believe our retailing experience, and close relationship with our readers and publishers, will give Ingram's Libraries and Booksellers additional advantages in selecting, promoting and selling Spanish-language titles," said Adolfo de Vincenzi, CEO of Grupo ILHSA.

Further, Ingram will provide merchandizing suggestions and recommended inventory programs, as well as simplify product organization through the use of BISAC category codes. Ingram and ILHSA will be working closely with suppliers to provide recommended title listings, suggested title lists, and category best-seller lists by employing the same vehicles used to promote domestic product-including ipage, print catalogs, electronic catalogs, and collection development lists.

ILHSA backs up their immense product knowledge with a distribution center built to provide rapid delivery of new, quality materials for their own retail stores. Their long-standing partnership with UPS, coupled with favorable exchange rates, enables Ingram to provide time-sensitive, Spanish-language titles to booksellers and librarians at the standard discount rate.

Ingram's OneSource program allows customers to order books and music from multiple providers using Ingram's online ordering and account management tool, ipage, or through other order methods. Alibris, a leading supplier of used and hard-to-find books, JA Majors, a leading medical specialty wholesaler, and Alliance Entertainment, the largest music one-stop wholesaler, are all OneSource partners.