Caribbean-Canadian Literary Expo 2003

“Opening Minds, Building Bridges”
The Caribbean-Canadian Literary Expo (CCLE) is a multifaceted event that showcases authors, poets, storytellers, illustrators, photographers and other professionals whose literary works extend from the rich oral traditions of the Caribbean to the written word. Designed to open minds and build bridges within communities, across cultures, in education, among literary artists, and between Caribbean and Canadian businesses in the publishing industry, this literary exposition and book fair brings together the English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Creole speaking Caribbean.

In an exciting, two-day event attracting thousands of Canadians, writers, booksellers, publishing companies, educators, librarians, children, and more, the CCLE will take place at the awesome Design Exchange (DX) in the heart of Toronto, Canada, on June 20th and 21st, 2003. Activities during the week leading up to the Expo will take place in various communities in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas.

In celebrating excellence and diversity, the CCLE initiative is inclusive of the multiple ethnic backgrounds and cultures that define the Caribbean region, and that have made Canada home. For the community of fourteen (14) participating countries, the CCLE is where our Caribbean heritage meets our Canadian home – where our culture finds expression in the voices that bear our truth.

The daytime and evening programming of the CCLE provides a high-profiled Canadian platform for distinguished literary talent, local and international. Highlights include:

* A Marketplace where books, magazines, other literature, photographs, and recorded material (e.g. CDs) of the English, French, Spanish and Dutch Caribbean experience are showcased and made accessible to the Canadian public.

* Interactive storytelling, author readings, poetry performances and cultural games for children, families and the general public that educate, entertain, and stimulate interest in cultural diversity. A live radio broadcast for some of the events is in store.

* Development workshops for aspiring writers and other literary artists.

* A colorful photo exhibition of professional photographs visualizing various aspects of Caribbean lifestyle, politics, sports, family, education, portraits, landscapes…etc.

* Seminars on integrating diversity in education targeted at stakeholders in education: education administrators, educators, policymakers, librarians, guidance counselors….

The Purpose of the Caribbean-Canadian Literary Expo

The purpose of the Caribbean-Canadian Literary Expo 2003 is to create a sustainable forum that exposes, develops and preserves in Canada the work of writers, poets, storytellers and other literary artists of Caribbean heritage. It will broaden the diversity of literature of the Caribbean experience available in the Canadian marketplace as well as in Canadian schools; promote literacy by engaging communities in reading; advance cultural understanding by exposing Canadians of all backgrounds to multicultural material; contribute to the development of aspiring literary artists; and forge mutually beneficial and strategic international relationships between Canada and the Caribbean in the literary arts.