iUniverse “Star” Author Signs with Random House’s Bantam Dell

Award-Winning Mystery Writer “Goes the Distance” on iUniverse Roadmap
Publisher iUniverse announced today that author Brian Wiprud, a member of the iUniverse Star Program, has signed a publishing contract with Random House’s Bantam Dell Publishing Group. The two-book deal includes Wiprud’s award-winning novel Pipsqueak (originally published by iUniverse) and a sequel to be written.

Wiprud exemplifies an author who has gone the distance on the iUniverse Roadmap.

Pipsqueak the “Lefty Award” for the most humorous mystery novel published in the United States in 2002, presented at the Left Coast Crime Conference. The novel was also included in January Magazine’s “Best of 2002” list, and was recently nominated for a “Barry Award” for Best Paperback Original by Deadly Pleasures Magazine.

Wiprud says that iUniverse is unique in the support it gives its authors in achieving success - even when that success means moving on to a “traditional” publishing contract.

“iUniverse is truly focused on helping authors reach their goals,” says Wiprud. “For authors, having a strong book is only part of the battle. iUniverse and the Star Program helped foster the kind of visibility it took for Pipsqueak to win the Lefty Award, which in turn caught the attention of Bantam Dell. iUniverse offers their authors unique promotional opportunities that are instrumental to success.”

iUniverse President and CEO Kimra Hawley says that Wiprud exemplifies the type of author that can go the distance on the iUniverse “Roadmap to Publishing Success™,” the publisher’s step-by-step process to help authors succeed through a series of clearly defined achievements, or “milestones.”

“Brian is a wonderful author and we congratulate him,” says Hawley. “He demonstrates that with talent and determination, authors can publish with iUniverse to demonstrate the market potential of their work and move on to new levels of success.”

The iUniverse Roadmap includes: an Editorial Review process to enhance the book’s quality and salability; a Readers Choice program for authors whose books meet preliminary sales goals; and the Star Program for authors whose books meet higher sales goals and demonstrate exceptional market potential. The most successful Star authors qualify for assistance in moving on to even greater levels of success, such as submission to the Barnes & Noble in-store book placement program and introductions to traditional publishers.