iUniverse “Star” Titles Now Available in Barnes & Noble Stores

Publisher’s Star Program Promises Results for Quality Books, Authors
iUniverse has announced that several of the books in its “Star Program” have been selected for retail sale in Barnes & Nobles stores. The titles are now available in Barnes & Noble outlets nationwide.

iUniverse developed the Star Program to invest in and promote books published by iUniverse that demonstrate strong initial sales. In April 2003, Barnes & Nobles endorsed the Star Program as a means for discovering - and bringing to market - promising authors. Barnes & Noble now reviews books that have achieved success within the Star Program for placement on Barnes & Noble shelves.

“I was honored to be selected by Barnes & Noble as one of seven authors out of more than 12,000 iUniverse titles for this Star Program launch group," says Liz H. Kelly, author of SMART Man Hunting: How to Get Out There, Get Dates and Get Mr. Right. “iUniverse’s editorial support and my promotional efforts turned the new release of SMART Man Hunting into an Amazon.com bestseller within three weeks of the Barnes & Noble store launch date.”

The other iUniverse Star titles selected for the first phase of the Barnes and Noble in-store program are:

* 1918 - Babe Ruth and the Boston Red Sox by Allan Wood
* Dr. Verne's Northern White Trash Etiquette by Verne Edstrom
* Life Lessons for My Black Girls by Natasha Munson
* The Anger Habit by Carl Semmelroth, Ph.D., and Donald E. P. Smith, Ph.D.
* The Anger Habit Workbook by Carl Semmelroth, Ph.D.
* The Bluegrass Conspiracy by Sally Denton

“We congratulate our authors whose books have met Barnes & Noble’s tough standards for quality and marketability,” says iUniverse President and CEO Susan Driscoll. “Their success validates iUniverse’s commitment to breaking down the barriers new authors face, as well as to serving booksellers and traditional publishers by fostering new talent.”

The Star Program is part of the “iUniverse Roadmap to Publishing Success™”: a step-by-step process to help authors succeed by progressing through a series of clearly defined achievements, or "milestones." The Roadmap includes: an Editorial Review process to enhance the book's quality and salability; a Readers Choice program for authors whose books meet quality and preliminary sales goals; and the Star Program for authors whose books meet higher sales goals and demonstrate exceptional market potential. The most successful Star authors qualify for assistance in moving on to even greater levels of success, such as submission to the Barnes & Noble in-store book placement program and introductions to traditional publishers.

For more information on iUniverse and the iUniverse Roadmap to Publishing Success, visit www.iuniverse.com.