JAYA123 Open For Business

Adams-Blake Company, Inc., has announced the start of its new web-service, JAYA123, a back-office system for small and mid-size businesses. JAYA123 does order-entry, billing, invoicing, inventory, bookkeeping and management reporting, all on the web.

By being a total web-based application (often called “web services,”) JAYA123 does not require any software to be downloaded, installed, or configured. It will run on any modern browser, and on any computing platform: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc. There is a full demo system on the company website.

The word “jaya” means “victory” in Sanskrit. By being priced at $14.95 a month, the service will allow smaller companies to have the kind of in-house software that larger firms have -- without the investment in expensive hardware or networks.

Be being web-based JAYA123 is by definition networked and can be used anywhere in the world. Each customer's data is accessed by a protected login code and customers can purchase as many logins as they wish. There is also a special “read-only” login if a customer wants a 3rd-party to be able to see data but not change it.

While all customer data resides on the JAYA server, the system allows users to download their files as often as desired in either a standard ASCII format or in an SQL-import format.

Adams-Blake Company is replacing their popular PUB123/SOHO123 line of desktop software with the JAYA123 web service. “We know from long experience that users really hate software... they don't like to download it, they don't like to install it, and they really don't like to update it,” says president and lead developer, Alan Canton. “With JAYA123, there is nothing for the client to do except login and use it. We even backup their data every sixty minutes.”

JAYA123 is available by subscription, with no time commitment. Users are billed on their credit card just like they are billed by their internet ISP. They can leave the service any time they wish.