Audio Publishers Celebrate of National Poetry Month

How do Natalie Cole, Caroline Kennedy, Eric Stoltz, Laura Dern and Cynthia Nixon celebrate Spring? These famous faces lend their voices to newly released audiobooks celebrating National Poetry Month.

From William Shakespeare to Emily Dickinson to Allen Ginsberg to Maya Angelou, the works of a wide variety of poets are published by the members of the Audio Publishers Association (APA). Read by professional actors and, in some cases, the poets themselves, these excellent recordings reinforce the aural tradition of poetry.

Wen Stephenson has commented in The Atlantic Monthly that "reading and listening to (poetry) forces us to think about the relationship between the written and the spoken word, poetry on the page and poetry on the air (or in the ear). It forces us to think about the looming presence of the poet's personality and the persona created for and through the performance--to ask ourselves what it is exactly that we respond to in great writing.”

“Our connection to literature begins with listening,” said Mary Beth Roche, president of The Audio Publishers Association. “The wonderful recordings published by our members allow listeners to enjoy a poet’s work as it was originally intended to be experienced.”

Former Nobel Laureate Robert Pinsky has said that, “if a poem is written well, it was written with a poet's voice and for a voice. Reading a poem silently instead of saying a poem is like the difference between staring at sheet music or actually humming or playing the music on an instrument." *

Timed for national Poetry Month, the APA is releasing a list of titles published by its members including The Best Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, The Best Poems of All Times – Part One: through 1850s and In The Old Country of My Heart. A full list of poetry audiobook titles is available through the Audio Publishers Association website.