Celebrate Independents Week!

Locally-owned independent businesses celebrate independence and entrepreneurism July 1-7, 2004
Independent Business Alliances (IBAs) and friends around the country will be helping their communities celebrate their Independents, according to the American Independent Business Alliance. The locally-owned independent businesses that make our home towns unique, keep entrepreneurism alive, give back to the community in time, talent, goods and services, and so much more--and the independent decision-making ability each of us possesses to choose the future look and feel of the place we make our home. Many indie bookstores across the country will be taking part in the festivities. See related article in Bookselling This Week.

“When in the Course of human Events, it becomes appropriate for communities to assert their independence, to denounce uniformity and celebrate their uniqueness, a respect for freedom and human creativity requires local businesses and peoples to declare those elements which make them unique.”

IBAs will involve the community in a range of activities including:
musical gatherings
public education
scavenger hunt
in-store promotions and activities
prize drawings