BeRead Announces New Web-Based Book Review Solution

BeRead Company LLC is pleased to announce the activation of, a new web-based book reviewing solution for the publishing industry. (or ABR) allows publishers and authors to utilize the power of the world wide web to efficiently and effectively promote their advance galleys or newly published books to print and digital reviewers and their end customers—readers. ABR was designed by veteran publishing and computing professionals who have experienced the expense and frustration of the traditional reviewing process.

“Printing and mailing 100 galleys, hoping something will stick, is an expensive and archaic way of doing business in today’s world,” explains Lee W. Merideth, BeRead Company’s Chief Operating Officer.

After a long affiliation with R. R. Donnelley and Reed Business Information Systems, Merideth founded Rocklin Press, a small house with a solid track record of success with niche history titles and reference offerings.

“It is extraordinarily difficult for small and mid-size publishers to get the reviews they deserve,” explains Merideth, one of the founders of BeRead Company LLC, a Nevada limited liability corporation with its headquarters in Silicon Valley. That fundamental problem, he explains, was one of the driving reasons behind the development of ABR.

“Reviewers are inundated with books they have no interest in reading, and publishers and authors are wasting large amounts of time and money building someone else’s private library or filling the book drop outside the local grocery store.” The whole reviewing process, he explains, “is the bane of our existence — just ask any publisher or author and they will give you an earful. So will many reviewers.”

ABR offers several different pricing options based upon how the publisher or author would like to present their books, and allows for direct communication between the parties. A large and growing internal database of reviewers is matched with each title, which is searchable by both keywords and by genre. Reviewers not in the database are free to access the site, register, and request books of their choosing:  

Bronze package:  Text description only, generic ABR cover:  $39.95 (we suggest this option if you do not have a cover image for your book).  

Silver package:  Text + photo:  $45.95 (we suggest this option if you have a cover design and wish to display it to potential reviewers and readers).   

Gold package:  Text + photo + highlighted on home page:  $99.95 (we suggest this option if you have a strong cover design that grab's attention and you want to highlight it on our home page center gallery.  

Right Side Home Page Display:  We offer four select positions on our home page in thirty-day increments.  Contact for pricing details.