Google Offers "Google Print" Program to Publishers of all Sizes

Want a way to sell more books without spending a penny on marketing? Google says that soon you'll be able to do just that through their site, whether you’re a large publisher with a thousand title backlist, or a small press that puts out a few titles a year.

The Google Print program lets publishers submit their books for inclusion in Google’s search results. Book pages displayed will carry AdSense advertising and publishers will get a revenue share. Each page also provides purchase links at Amazon, BN, BookSense and the publisher's own site if they sell direct. The actual book page is displayed on the screen, along with the jacket and ISBN. A separate box lets users search within the book, and there are links to About this Book, Copyright, Table of Contents and the Index. :

“First, apply to participate in the program. Once you're approved, simply send us your books. We'll scan and add them and the pages to our index. And just like that, with no investment on your part, your book will become part of Google search results.”

Take a tour of the new service.