Jennifer Nix appointed Editor-at-Large at Chelsea Green Publishing

Chelsea Green President and Publisher Margo Baldwin recently announced that Jennifer Nix has been named Editor-at-Large for the independent Vermont-based book publisher and will open a west-coast office in the Bay Area.

“This is a very exciting development for Chelsea Green. Jennifer has an incredible sense of what’s coming next. California has always been our biggest market and now we’ll have an editorial presence there as well. Vermont and California are at the forefront of new progressive ideas, so I’d say we are very well positioned for the future.” said Baldwin.

Nix was a consultant for Chelsea Green in 2004, landing the New York Times and national bestseller, DON’T THINK OF AN ELEPHANT! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate; The Essential Guide for Progressives, from author George Lakoff, a cognitive linguist at UC-Berkeley.

This month, Nix will open a Bay Area office for Chelsea Green, to increase the publisher’s West Coast presence. Nix will focus on acquiring political books relating to issues of sustainability and social justice. “The leading thinkers and activists on the West Coast will be playing a vital role in reshaping American politics in general, and the Democratic Party, in particular. I look forward to the chance to help shepherd their important ideas into books and other special projects.

“Over the past year, as I’ve gotten to know Margo and her company, I realize that Chelsea Green is the ideal home for me professionally, as Margo allows her entire team to think creatively about how to bring new ideas into the world,” Nix said.

This is Nix’s first position in book publishing. She is a former National Public Radio producer (“On the Media”), and following that, was a staff writer for Variety, where she covered book publishing and broadcast news. Her freelance writing has appeared in such publications as The Nation, The New York Observer, New York, Village Voice, National Law Journal, Working Woman and Wired, as well as on Internet venues such as Salon and AlterNet. Nix is also a contributing editor to the Chicago-based literary journal, Other Voices, and is a co-founder of the international educational not-for-profit, Building with Books.

Nix lives aboard the Chelsea Green Ark, a houseboat in Sausalito, California, with her husband, Steve Leonard — and a lovely view of the bay and Mount Tamalpais. She can be reached at