APA Sponsors Poster Contest Celebrating Audiobook Month

The Audio Publishers Association (APA) sponsored its seventh annual Audiobook Month Poster Design Contest to find artwork to highlight its “Audiobook Month” promotional campaign in June. The poster must have contained the words, “A Good Book Speaks For Itself” and “Celebrate Audiobook Month.” In addition, the poster features tips on promoting audiobooks. The contest’s winner, Shari Mislin, received a cash prize and recognition on the posters appearing around the country in libraries.

Shari Mislin, an avid audiobook fan, is a practicing graphic designer for the past ten years. Most of her professional experience comes from working at a Michigan advertising agency. Mislin’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wayne State University where she studied business and graphic design. This year, she started her own freelance design business, Mislin Design (www.mislindesign.com), in which she specializes in design and illustration.

“Shari Mislin’s creative design will increase awareness of “Audiobook Month” and the many pleasures and benefits of audiobooks,” says Mary Beth Roche, president of the Audio Publishers Association and publisher, Audio Renaissance. “Not only do audiobooks emphasize the value of listening as a communication skill, but they offer value and convenience in our multi-tasking society and are, of course, a wonderful source of entertainment.”

The winning poster features a stack of books with headphones and a microphone depicting the translation from book to audiobook. The poster highlights the theme “A Good Book Speaks for Itself!” The winner was chosen by the APA’s Library Committee with input from librarians.

“This contest let me combine my passion for audiobooks with my graphic design skills,” said Shari Mislin, freelance graphic artist with Mislin Design. “Each day, I have two hours to listen to audiobooks during my commute to work. This award has reinforced my interest in audiobooks and the enjoyment of listening to a good audiobook.”