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Book Award Winners

Past results:

Here are the results of each year’s IPPY Awards contest back to 2001.

What we really love about these award-winning books is their dedication not just to quality writing and publishing, but also to change…to a cause…to saving the planet. This activist spirit is what really sets independent publishers apart — and recognizing that spirit is what the Independent Publisher Book Awards are all about.

Unique designs, materials, layouts, writing styles…it’s as if all the winners were inspired the way the young Ray Bradbury was when he first read The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe:

“I read this dark tale when I was nine years old, and it changed my life,” says Bradbury in the introduction to one of our 2011 IPPY Award-winners, The Creative Collection of American Short Stories. “All my friends told me not to write weird stories, but Mr. Poe told me to not listen to them — to go ahead and write stories as weird as I wanted and send them to Weird Tales.”

Each year’s IPPY Award-winning titles represent a list of authors, editors, publishers, illustrators and photographers who aren’t afraid of change, don’t mind being called “weird,” and that’s why their wonderful, heartfelt, and inspired writing and publishing is so worthy of our awards.

This is also the reason independent publishing is growing, gaining acceptance, and becoming “the way to publish” today. These books were created by fiercely independent publishers, proudly unattached to the mainstream, conglomerated media.

Want to dwell in the comfort zone? That’s right where mainstream media wants you, falling into step with their corporate partners, humming their advertising jingles, and consuming their product tie-ins. Prefer to march to your own drummer? Then these IPPY Award-winning books are for you.

Thanks and congratulations to all participants for your truly great work!