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Family Types, A Guide to Better Parenting Using Personality Types

Self-Published;; 294 page softcover; $14.99 (April 2013); ISBN: 978-0988446908

As a mother of two young children, I found this book extremely educational as I began to understand the various personality types that Selah Rose Cambias presents in her book, Family Types. Comprehending the archetypes of your child is an excellent resource for the ultimate goal of any parent, creating an environment in which your child feels fulfilled in life. 

This book provides essential information that will ease this role and gives you the support you need to in turn support your child as an individual and build a platform for success.  Although the goal is to realize the core personality types of your child, in the process you will truly come to behold, in depth, who he or she is.  Each of the 59 personality types presented in this book is broken down into the bests, the challenges, the “Ok, so what do I do now, “ and” How to be with this type”.  It is clear, direct and easy to grasp and oh, so helpful in assisting its readers in conquering, arguably the most challenging job on Earth, parenting.  We are not given a manual and we cannot hand pick the personalities of our children, as we can our friends.  Yet, we are with them every day and love them no matter what.  The challenges presented by conflicting personality types is not something we have control over, but acquiring skills to overcome those challenges is something we do.  Let Family Types be your guide.