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Adenís Thought of Many Colors

Prairie Winds Publications; Stanley, ND;; 32 page hardcover; $17.95 (Aug 2012); ISBN: 978-1591520993

All children need to feel comfortable in communicating their thoughts and questions.  In Aden’s Thought of Many Colors, Mary Dennis gives children a character they can relate to and learn from on this very subject.  In this beautiful tale, a curious boy, Aden, seeks out a loving adult whom he trusts, to share his thoughts with. 

With his tousled head of loose curls, this lovable character marches to his Auntie’s where he is met with a smile and a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  In the comfort of the familiar home and presence of his Aunt he is able to ask what is on his mind and the two venture into the real world where his lesson begins.

A valuable addition to any home library, Aden’s Thought of Many Colors, intrigues its readers with the ever important message that all God’s creatures are created equal.  There is a softness to this story that gives way to an often time heavy and overwhelming topic, race.  Through the use of her gentle words, Mary Dennis gives us a story that teaches its young audience that “the size, the shape, or the color of a person does not matter.”  What matters is on the inside.  “It’s the heart that beats with love and the smile that comes from happiness and understanding, and the eyes that see goodness in the world around them.  It’s the hands that reach out to hold and to help.  Those are the things that matter.”