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Do You Know a Cat Like That?

FastPencil; Campbell, CA;; 40 page softcover; $12.95 (Feb 2013)

“Because I’m soft and cuddly, my human named me a soft and cuddly name: Moochee.”  Soft and cuddly and much more, Moochee gives a convincing voice to all feline friends.  Children will be certain that, “Yes!” They do indeed know a cat like that!  This is a true love story between a sweet kitty and her human, love at first sight. 

As in any relationship there is the stage of getting to know one another, to trust one another and feel comfortable with one another.   Timid at first, once Moochee and her human settle into an agreeable routine, they are a match made in heaven!  They begin to open up and rely on each other to meet their needs through the deep companionship that they share.  They comfort one another, spoil one another, enjoy one another’s on going presence, and compromise.  They know they will always be there for one another.  That is the immeasurable reward of inviting a pet into your home and caring for it every day. 

Art Garmissie demonstrates this beautifully as he walks us through a maze of Moochee’s charming and predictable feline behaviors that all kids will recognize and be drawn in by.  Like her human, you too will fall in love with this blue eyed beauty!