IP Notables

The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook

Stella Maris Press, LLC; Frederick, MD; www.StellaMarisPress.com; 248 page paperback; $14.95 (April 2013); ISBN: 978-0988937918

What IS missing from the pages of all those handbooks, those how-tos, those informational guides lined on shelf upon shelf at your local bookstore?  Real life experiences and truth! 

What do we, as parents, do, when we aren’t sure what to do?  We talk about it!  We call our parents.  We discuss the situation with a colleague or friend.  Why do we do this?  We do this because we gain insight from these discussions.  We learn from other’s experiences and offerings; these interactions are our best resource.  Christina Brockett’s, The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook, is a compilation of just that, REAL life stories.  No psychological mumbo jumbo, just easy to understand, easy to relate to, easy to learn from stories. 

All parents have stories, full of heartache and joy, full of trials and love.  You won’t want to miss the invaluable lessons that flow through these shared retellings.