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Grateful Jake

Em and Boys Books; Nanaimo, BC;; 28 page softcover; $9.99 (Aug 2012); ISBN: 978-0981257969

Spend the weekend with Jake, a lovable, playful, typical boy who just wants to have a good time!  Grateful Jake is sure to spark the interest of your young one as they can, without a doubt, relate to Jake’s lack of enthusiasm as he sits, uninspired on a Friday afternoon to work on a school assigned essay.  “What to be thankful for?” he wonders. 

Emily Madill and Izabela Bzymek illustrate a lesson we, as parents, are continuously trying to instill in our children, simply to be grateful.  As children, with limited experiences and knowledge, it is difficult to “learn” perspective.  Books are a gateway to these teachings.  Let Jake’s experience be an eye opener, illustrating that the good stuff lies in the little things. 

Life, every day, is full of things to be thankful for.  The simple things are our greatest gifts.  Jake’s time spent with his family and friends, with nature, doing activities he loves will be sure to ignite the reader’s sense of gratitude and is a good reminder to us all to not take the “good stuff” for granted.