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The Secret Burden: Letting Go of the Shame, Anger, and Guilt of Emotional Eating

Done For You Publishing, San Diego, CA;; 138 page softcover; $14.95 (April 2013); ISBN: 978-0-989-2014-0-7

Let esteemed Columbia graduate and social worker Michelle Bybel lighten your burden in this empowering guide to coping with emotional eating. Chapter by chapter, Bybel’s concise and eloquent writing will break down the physical and psychological aspects of emotional eating, giving you the tools to make a positive lifestyle change that will lead you to a more balanced, fulfilled life for the rest of your days to come!

Beginning at the beginning, this book will assist you in determining whether or not you suffer from emotional eating, assist you in getting to the roots of your emotional eating and, most importantly, assist you in altering your behaviors and will lead you to your consummation.  Let The Secret Burden guide and enlighten you to a higher ground, building a more confident you, your best you, your healthiest you.  You don’t need to endure it alone any longer. You don’t have to be an emotional overeater anymore.  You can change and this book will help you.