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The Bird Book - Alma’s Story

Xlibris; Indiana, IN;; 107 page hardcover; $61.99 (Jan 2012); ISBN: 978-1-4535-8082-0

Learn to know and love Alma in Patsy Levang’s, The Bird Book, Alma’s Story. Afraid of people and too shy to overcome that fear, Alma found an escape in nature, in the sounds sung by the graceful birds she took so much joy and comfort in observing day in and day out. Her delicate recreations of these gentle beings are an enchanting delight, no two alike as she explored a variety of mediums. 

As you page through this easy-to-browse, coffee table book, you will be swept away by Alma’s journalesque, personal expressions. Her intimate thoughts are written with the artfulness of a true poet and create a spirit that lies within the pages of this beautiful publication.

Accompanying the unique replications of each tiny bird, sometimes colorful, sometimes sketched in black and white, are Levang’s acute descriptions filled with interesting facts every bird lover is sure to enjoy. This is a one of a kind, touching book that is so easy to make a deep connection with.