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A Friend in Grief: Simple Ways to Help

High Windy Press; Fairview, NC; www.afriendingrief.com
; 107 page softcover; $10.95 (March 2012); ISBN: 978-0-942303-49-0

It is inevitable and real, something we will all undoubtedly experience in our lifetimes, the death of a loved one. Despite the universal emotions and processes that accompany this unwelcomed strife, how to act, what to say to and do for others who are in the midst of tragedy, remains a mystery. 

We have all been there, afraid we will say the wrong thing or feel as though we should do more, or sometimes less, giving others their space, never quite confident we are in the right. A Friend In Grief: Simple Ways to Help acts as a compassionate sage during a time of confusion.

Ginny Callaway lived every parent’s worst nightmare when her ten-year-old daughter Sara Jane’s life was taken in an automobile accident. Her words are written with keen insight gained from her own personal tragedy and her interactions with others during her time of grief. 

In addition to her experience, Ginny has interviewed others who have been through a time of loss, each situation unique, offering a new and collective perspective. Her book gives you the tools for your box that will allow you to be instrumental in aiding those you care for as they begin to heal.