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From Testicles to Timbuktu - Notes from a Family Doctor

Flawlis Publishing; Toronto, Ontario, Canada;; 119 page softcover; $17.99 (CDN) (April 2013); ISBN: 978-0-9880460-0-9

Geordie Fallis, M.D. will have you in stitches with the light-hearted accounts of his experiences as a medical student and family doctor over the years. Based on excerpts from his journal writing, Fallis opens up to us a behind-the-scenes take of his everyday experiences with a comedic twist!

The title alone, From Testicles to Timbuktu, is a good indication of what lies inside the pages of this affectionate paperback as Dr. Fallis proves to us that laughter really is the best medicine! This book is more than just a recount of a lot of medical hoopla, it is a book of deep human connections. Dr. Fallis has a gift greater than good bedside manner. These anecdotes prove he is more than just a doctor, but a listener, an observer, someone who truly cares. His gratitude for the years of service his patients allowed him to give shines through as he weaves his fond and vivid memories into stories.

Delightfully and simply entertaining, you will get more than a few laughs out of this read and be left with a new appreciation for daily life of a down to earth, hometown Doc.