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The Asking Formula

Wonsockon Publishers; Minneapolis, MN;; 104 page softcover; $15.00 (2012); ISBN: 978-0-981885230

If you enjoy simple and straightforward sales messages, you are going to love The Asking Formula.  Although this business parable is mainly aimed at the sales market, all leadership professionals will greatly benefit from this cleverly written book. 

Award winning author John Baker presents his step-by-step process proven to help you pinpoint exactly what you want, why you want it and how to get it.  From enhancing personal relationships to training entire organizations, The Asking Formula is a logical, clear and effective tool.  This book will inspire and educate everyone who reads it to use its uncomplicated message to accomplish outstanding results.

The positive impact derived from Baker’s expert teaching skills includes ways to shorten sales cycles, shrug off rejection and close more business.  The Asking Formula will enhance your persuasive communication techniques and allow you to more easily achieve your business, as well as personal, objectives.  Baker’s book will help you in all aspects of conversation, and in the long run will assist in improving your image.  You will be able to manage conflict with ease and learn how to truly stand out in the crowd of sales professionals.

Cleverly written, to the point and a quick read, The Asking Formula should be on every sales professional’s reading list.