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Victor, the Reluctant Vulture / Victor, el zopilote renuente

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press; Tucson, AZ;;
36 page hardcover; $16.95 (Dec 2013)
ISBN: 978-1-886679-45-0 English; 978-1-886679-46-7 Spanish

Vultures are a unique and interesting breed of species that many are unfamiliar with.  Jonathon Hanson connects us to the world of raptors in his tale of, Victor, the Reluctant Vulture.  However, he connects us to a deeper notion and an undying theme of self-discovery. 

Soar with Victor as he flaps his way to higher grounds, building his confidence, unearthing his natural abilities with an independence that young readers will appreciate.  Victor is in a delicate phase of life, teetering between childhood and adulthood.  He is unwilling to take advice, to take the word of his mother as truth.  With a determined will and intelligence, he must explore the world on his own, test the waters for himself.  He has to learn through his own experiences.  Join him on these adventures and lessons and see what he discovers.

You won’t be disappointed, as this book has so much to offer with its soft watercolor accompaniments of beautiful, desert scenery and its scientific twist spitting information throughout.   It will leave you both informed and inspired!