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The West in Action

Self Published; Carthage, MO; ; 128 page hardcover; $50-150 (Sep 2012); ISBN: 978-0-9742285-2-5

The Wild, Wild West… There is something that draws us in, something romantic, raw even, about this time period that is irresistible. The images Andy Thomas conjures through his luring paintings are no exception. The textured masterpieces evoke the feeling of a gentle rain. They are beautiful. Accompanied by archival accounts, The West in Action is a great historical contribution to an era that has not been forgotten.

Cowboys perched upon horses amidst a Red Rock backdrop. Native Americans adorned with their multicolored feathers and garb, stoic and serene in times of peace, enraged and brave in times of battle. A moment in time lives on each page of this incredibly fascinating compilation of an emergence of art and history. 

Our history is rich. As rich as the paintings on Thomas’ canvas. Welcome to our history. Welcome to The West in Action.