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Embracing Your Life

Vainisi Design Studio, Brooklyn, NY;; 176 pages; $19.95
(August 2012); Hard Cover; ISBN: 978-0615565262

Jenny Vainisi has successfully illustrated this collection of wise and inspiring quotes, stories and lessons in a whimsical and spiritually profound way.  Embracing Your Life is a charming gift book containing thought provoking insights that will provide deeper meaning and astute connections to enhance your life.  The end result of this inspirational and artistic guide will allow you to more fully embrace your own life.  Happiness, love and compassion will improve your overall experience of living.

Often times the day-to-day grind has a tendency to lower your spirits.  In this collection of thought-provoking passages, Vainisi inspires you to rise above and delve into your own inner exploration.  She reminds us that life is not about pleasing others, but the ability to find peace and happiness within ourselves.  The quotations and endearing illustrations work together to foster a cohesive reading experience.  Embracing Your Life casts a series of positive quotable affirmations that will help allow you to truly be your authentic self, happy, confident, and judgment free.