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Profit In Plain Sight

Solutions in Plain Sight Publishing; Vancouver, BC;
; 312 page; $29.95 USD $34.95 CAN (June 2013); Hard Cover; ISBN: 978‐0‐9867120‐4‐3

All business leaders and leadership teams face the challenges of economic turmoil and uncertainty. Anne Graham's Profit in Plain Sight offers a systematic approach to transform these challenges into opportunities. Every leadership professional at any level of all organizations will greatly benefit from this information and inspiration packed book.

Many businesses hesitate to take charge of their own futures by waiting for someone else to fix the economy or develop a system that can be imitated. Graham expertly presents common sense solutions that every organization can implement independently. These accessible solutions hold the key to thriving in the face of economic distress when many companies are content to simply survive. Through the use of clever diagrams and innovative yet uncomplicated thinking, Profit in Plain Sight covers the whole gamut involved in transforming any business into a powerhouse.

This book teaches practical processes that will ultimately increase profitability by infusing an organization's employees with motivation, enthusing the customer base so they will keep returning for more, and enhancing the overall work environment. As Graham stated in the description of a well-known company that has increased profitability in the face of the ever-changing economy for over a century, the goal of any organization should be "profit, passion and growth, with integrity". This book certainly shows how this can be achieved, clearly and concisely.