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The Student Life Jacket, The Easy-to-Use Organizer and Guide to Staying Afloat in a Sea of Paperwork for Young Working Adults and College Students

SMS Promotional Ventures, LLC; Shirley, IN; www.TheStudentLifeJacket.com; 60 page hardcover; $32.95 (Nov 2011); ISBN: 978-4675-0655-7

Just moving out of your parents’ home?  On your own for the first time ever?  Then you need The Student Life Jacket!  It will save your life!  Young adulthood is a time of such transition, it can be overwhelming.  As you enter this new and exciting phase of your journey, you will want to be prepared for what lies ahead.  Susan M. Sparks eases that burden with her well-constructed, practical guide that will help you with all the basics.  From money to health and wellness to housing and more, you will be inspired to learn what it takes to be successful all on your own. 

Wondering if there are things you may be forgetting, things you haven’t thought of?  Cover all your bases and let The Student Life Jacket do the thinking for you.  After all, you’ve never done this before!  So, things like an emergency contact list, a signed agreement with your roommate, a budget plan, and keeping your social calendar organized may have escaped you.  This guide and organizer will help you do all that and more!  It will save you time, frustration and money and be a haven to everything that is essential to keeping you afloat, as you venture into the real world, in one place.  While you are being pulled in a million directions, let The Student Life Jacket reel you in, keep you grounded and give you some reprieve!