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Category: Health / Wellness

The Secret Burden: Letting Go of the Shame, Anger, and Guilt of Emotional Eating
Done For You Publishing, San Diego, CA;; 138 page softcover; $14.95 (April 2013); ISBN: 978-0-989-2014-0-7

Let esteemed Columbia graduate and social worker Michelle Bybel lighten your burden in this empowering guide to coping with emotional eating. Chapter by chapter, Bybel’s more…

Category: Inspirational / Spirtuality

Embracing Your Life
Vainisi Design Studio, Brooklyn, NY;; 176 pages; $19.95 (August 2012); Hard Cover; ISBN: 978-0615565262

Jenny Vainisi has successfully illustrated this collection of wise and inspiring quotes, stories and lessons in a whimsical and spiritually profound way.  Embracing more…

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Adenís Thought of Many Colors
Prairie Winds Publications; Stanley, ND;; 32 page hardcover; $17.95 (Aug 2012); ISBN: 978-1591520993

All children need to feel comfortable in communicating their thoughts and questions.  In Aden’s Thought of Many Colors, Mary Dennis gives children a more…

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Last Night I Had a Laughmare, Bedtime Adventures in Gigglyville
Little Egg Publishing Company, AZ;; 32 page hardcover; $16.95 (Nov 2012); ISBN: 978-18881669012

A laughmare?!  What a clever deterrent from every munchkin’s most feared bedtime possibility, a nightmare!  A visit to Gigglyville in Last Night I Had a more…

Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Journey Begins
Childrenís Success Unlimited; New York, NY;; 56 page hardcover; $12.95 (Feb 2013); ISBN: 978-0982961346

Sync into the rhythm of the wisdom filled rhymes that paint the pages of Brooks Olbrys’, The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob, A Journey Begins.  Coupled with more…

Category: Juvenile Fiction / Pets

Do You Know a Cat Like That?
FastPencil; Campbell, CA;; 40 page softcover; $12.95 (Feb 2013)

“Because I’m soft and cuddly, my human named me a soft and cuddly name: Moochee.”  Soft and cuddly and much more…

Category: Juvenile Literature

Bumbling Through Hong Kong
Kakibubu Media Limited; Chai Wan, Hong Kong SAR;; 144 page softcover; $12.95 (May 2013); ISBN: 978-988-18066-7-3

With its comic book reminiscent approach, Tom Schmidt’s Bumbling Through series presents pertinent and often overlooked information in a reader friendly way more…

Category: Juvenile Literature

Grateful Jake
Em and Boys Books; Nanaimo, BC;; 28 page softcover; $9.99 (Aug 2012); ISBN: 978-0981257969

Spend the weekend with Jake, a lovable, playful, typical boy who just wants to have a good time!  Grateful Jake is sure to spark the interest of your young one as more…

Category: Juvenile Literature

I Want It Now!
Wildhood Press; Portland, OR; 24 page softcover; $12.95 (Jan 2013); ISBN: 978-0615728063

Patience is a virtue and not something many youngsters innately encompass. It must be acquired through a child’s daily experiences and consequences. Raphael Cushnir heels more…

Category: Juvenile Literature

Victor, the Reluctant Vulture / Victor, el zopilote renuente
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press; Tucson, AZ;; 36 page hardcover; $16.95 (Dec 2013) ISBN: 978-1-886679-45-0 English; 978-1-886679-46-7 Spanish

Vultures are a unique and interesting breed of species that many are unfamiliar with.  Jonathon Hanson connects us to the world of raptors in his tale of, Victor, the more…

Category: Juvenile Literature / Animals

Eye See You Africa
Dr. Jay, LLC; Green Farms, CT;; 68 page hardcover; $24.95 (Jan 2013); ISBN: 978-0986006302

There are many awe-inspiring picture books for children out there, but you have never seen one like this!  Beautiful photography interwoven with clever narrative will more…

Category: Juvenile Non-Fiction

Fingerprints on the Table: The Story of the White House Treaty Table
White House Association; Washington D.C.;; 48 page hardcover; $16.95 (April 2013); ISBN: 978-1-931917-14-8

Connie Remlinger Trounstine uniquely brings to life a story that could have easily gone on being overlooked, a story on a subject that never seems to lose its luster, the White more…

Category: Leadership / Business

Profit In Plain Sight
Solutions in Plain Sight Publishing; Vancouver, BC; ; 312 page; $29.95 USD $34.95 CAN (June 2013); Hard Cover; ISBN: 978‐0‐9867120‐4‐3

All business leaders and leadership teams face the challenges of economic turmoil and uncertainty. Anne Graham's Profit in Plain Sight offers a systematic approach more…

Category: Leadership / Communication

The Asking Formula
Wonsockon Publishers; Minneapolis, MN;; 104 page softcover; $15.00 (2012); ISBN: 978-0-981885230

If you enjoy simple and straightforward sales messages, you are going to love The Asking Formula.  Although this business parable is mainly aimed at the sales more…

Category: Memoir / Medicine / Humor

From Testicles to Timbuktu - Notes from a Family Doctor
Flawlis Publishing; Toronto, Ontario, Canada;; 119 page softcover; $17.99 (CDN) (April 2013); ISBN: 978-0-9880460-0-9

Geordie Fallis, M.D. will have you in stitches with the light-hearted accounts of his experiences as a medical student and family doctor over the years. Based on excerpts from more…

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