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Book Review : Psychology

Memory In Our Bones

This book captures the complexity of what it means to be embodied and a deeper understanding of the capacities of mind, body and spirit and their complex interconnections is revealed. It illustrates how memories and emotions can cross the barriers of time and death to re-emerge within consciousness. Memory in Our Bones teaches us how we can use our bodies as a vehicle for awakening and it illustrates how we can use our powerful emotions, beliefs, and experiences from our current and distant past to heal our lives more deeply than ever before.

It also explains the spiritual, psychological and scientific aspects of how memory is systemic, how consciousness may survive death and how this affects us, at all levels of our being. The book broadens our view and expands our consciousness. The rich traditions of Buddhist and Taoist thought, and Hawai'ian shamanism are woven together giving the reader a deep foundation for exploring concepts about themselves, consciousness, and the mind-body connection. Gentle visualizations, meditations, and healing techniques are presented, and new understandings about the nature of energy and how to practice energetic healing are explored. The author shares her own inner transformation that lead to the creation of Transforming Embodiment .

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Earthsong Foundation Press, Tiburon, CA;; 346 page paperback; $21.95 (Feb 2009) ISBN: 978-0-615-20450-5