Book Review : Environmental

Peak of the Devil: 100 Questions (and answers) About Peak Oil

What do you really know about Peak Oil? Do you have some questions about it? Like, ''What is it?'' Chip Haynes answers 100 of the most significant questions about peak oil with an educated and quirky sense of humor, making a harsh, unpleasant subject a little easier to understand. After all, after peak oil there is a good chance that one hundred years from now will look like one hundred years ago, if we are lucky.

The few brave people that have tried to tell the world what might be coming after peak oil have frequently been painted as fools and kooks, or worse . . . doomsluts. However, our knowledge (or lack of knowledge) does not grant us immunity from the proceedings. Despite the dark vastness of the subject, or maybe because of it, we are all in this together.

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Satya House; First edition, Hardwick, MA,, $14.95 paperback, 224 pages, (October 1, 2010), ISBN: 0981872034.