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Book Review : Children's Picture Book / Nature

Sea Horse, Run!

Every animal on the coral reef is frightened by the news: "A sea dragon is coming!" Even Shark, Eel, and Octopus flee, but Sea Horse's best friend, Coral, is attached to the reef. Coral cannot leave, but she is not afraid for herself. Brave Sea Horse stays behind to protect Coral from the monstrous beast, but when the dragon finally arrives, Sea Horse discovers that sea dragons aren't so terrible after all. Children will enjoy the panorama of an Australian reef that identifies forty animals featured in the book.

"The best children's books entertain and inform, and Tammy Carter Bronson's artwork and storytelling do just that, by bringing the coral reef vibrantly to life. Like divers exploring the reef, children will discover rare undersea creatures with magical properties, and learn how they interact and thrive. Written with a blend of mystery and whimsy, Bronson's story of the brave little sea horse is both charming and educational." - Jim Barnes, Editor,

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Bookaroos Publishing, Fayetteville, AR,; 32 page hardcover; $17.00; softcover $8.00 (June 2011) ISBN-10: 0967816777