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Book Review : Psychology / Mental Health

The Ray of Hope: A Teenager's Fight Against Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Ray St. John is a 17 year old who has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). His symptoms began when he was five years of age. During his teen years his OCD worsened and became mainly sexual in nature. His symptoms progressed and his life essentially came to a halt. With the help of this mother, Ray beat back his OCD (using a therapy called exposure response prevention therapy (ERP)) one day at a time. By the time he was a senior in high school, his symptoms had become negligible and his life had returned to normal. Ray decided to write this book to help other adolescents who are suffering from OCD. The book, which is part memoir and part self help, is arranged in a question/answer format to allow teenage readers to quickly locate the parts of the book they find helpful. In his book, Ray answers questions such as: Why did OCD happen to me? Am I a pervert for having sexual obsessions? Should I tell my teachers about my OCD? Can I still go to college even though I have OCD? Ray hopes that what he has written will provide both information and encouragement to his readers so that they, like him, can defeat their OCD and have a great life.

"This courageous book does what its title suggests, bringing a 'ray of hope' to teens suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. By telling his own story openly and honestly, teen author Ray St. John does what a team of doctors and psychologists might not be able to do, reassuring other teens they are not alone and that they can reclaim their lives. Especially during the formative years, an OCD of sexual nature must make a teenager's life miserable, but Ray proves that with hard work and determination, the devastating disease can be overcome." - Jim Barnes, Editor,

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Vermilion Press; Manville, IL; 171 page; hardcover; $12.95; (March 2011) ISBN-10: 0578070324