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Book Review : Fiction / Multicultural / Women's Lit

The Hometown

Mala Thomas, a 23-year-old Indian American, wants a big, multicultural city to escape her dead-end job and racial experiences in Indiana. She packs up her Acura Vigor and makes an impulsive move to Houston, Texas. In Houston, she doesn't get questioned about being Indian. The South is very different from the Midwest and Mala can't take the word "y'all" seriously. On her career path, she lands a job in the energy industry and falls for work-obsessed Cyril, a Creole who works in her office building. The death of the sister she can't remember, her love for '80s rock, and her past racial experiences follow her everywhere she goes. "What would happen if you were a discontented, twentysomething Indian-American girl, living in a boring Midwestern city and working a dead-end job, still a virgin, living at home with parents you think should divorce, and suddenly decide to pack up and move to Houston, Texas? Read The Hometown and find out! Along the way you'll be entertained and enlightened by this smart and witty coming-of-age novel that gets to the heart of 'growing up multicultural' and making your way as a minority woman in America today." - Jim Barnes, Editor,

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iUniverse, Inc.; Houston, TX;; 244 page; paperback; $16.95; (April 2011) ISBN-10: 1450298419