Book Review : Historical Fiction / Music

A Song in My Heart

Alejandra Stanford is born into a privileged bicultural family in Minneapolis of 1902. Growing up, she and her artistic family experience the intermingling of American, Mexican, and European cultural influences, as well as national events that challenge their lives; yet, Alejandra finds music is the perfect expression of her own artistic inclinations, emotions, and ambitions. As a young pianist and budding composer, she is affected by Minnesota's musical pioneers and resolves to become an orchestral conductor despite the obstacles. Alejandra travels to the great cities of the world in pursuit of her dreams. Along the way, she will meet two men who are her match in ideals and intellect. Ultimately, it is the passion for music and love which guide, inspire, and determine Alejandra's destiny.

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Beaver's Pond Press; Edina, MN;; 376 page hardcover Including CD with Original Musical Score; $34.95(June 2011) ISBN-10: 1592983952