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Girls Write Now

Vol. 33 - Issue 1

Behind the Incredible Writing and Mentoring Program

Giving a Little Help to Her Friends

Vol. 23 - Issue 4

Author Shares Stock Market Knowledge with People of All Ages

Giving and Receiving Feedback, The Smart Way

Vol. 35 - Issue 4

An IPPY Winner on Criticism

Glam Lit Girls Let Loose in America

Vol. 18 - Issue 2

Heads Up! Wild independent book tour coming soon to a venue near you!Jezebelle 2000 surges forward with the hot & saucy Glam Lit Tour.

Global Sustainability

Vol. 35 - Issue 4

New Book Advises Businesses on the Art and Importance of ‘Global Sustainability’

Go Seabiscuit!

Vol. 21 - Issue 8

Independents Feel the Buzz of Summer Blockbuster Movies

Gold Ink Award Winners Honored during Graph Expo

Vol. 22 - Issue 11

Gone Are "Gone With the Wind" Days

Vol. 23 - Issue 3

The "Slushpile" keeps growing -- what's a starving novelist to do?

Good Morning America's Book Club is All About Book Clubs

Vol. 20 - Issue 6

READ THIS! Features Pulpwood Queens Book Club, The Sweet Potato Queens Book Club and the Mostly We Eat Book Club

Good Trouble

Vol. 34 - Issue 7

Memoir Tracks the Fascinating Life of a Punk Community Celebrity

Google Offers "Google Print" Program to Publishers of all Sizes

Vol. 22 - Issue 10

Goosebottom Books

Vol. 30 - Issue 2

Celebrating Women’s History Month with the Right Female Role Models

Got Them Ol’ BEA Blues

Vol. 27 - Issue 6

A Conversation with Publisher & Distributor Eric Kampmann

Grams & Books

Vol. 35 - Issue 11

The Best Literary Instagrams to Follow

Grand Architecture by the Hands of Nature and of Man

Vol. 20 - Issue 3

Love of National Parks and their Great Lodges Turns into PBS Series Companion Book


Vol. 20 - Issue 12

First exhibit an in-depth retrospective featuring 52 works by Eric Carle

Graphic Novels

Vol. 33 - Issue 4

A Look into the Unique Genre of the Comic Medium

Graphically Speaking: Ted Rall Tells It Like It Is

Vol. 20 - Issue 10

An interview with Ted Rall, cartoonist and author of “To Afghanistan and Back”

Grassroots Effort Saves Poetry Reviews

Vol. 22 - Issue 11

Indies rally to convince PW to keep Poetry Forecast alive

Great Gift Books and Book Sense Featured in Upcoming New Yorker; PW Introduces "The Year in Books"

Vol. 19 - Issue 12

Got Book List? Go Shopping! Gives Back to Its Readers

Vol. 19 - Issue 5 to give some lucky reader over $6,000 worth of books

Green Apple Books

Vol. 32 - Issue 5

California Bookstore Day

Green Light Your Book

Vol. 34 - Issue 9

Getting Published — and Read — in Today’s Book Market

Greenleaf Book Group

Vol. 31 - Issue 5

Pursuing the Business of Building Platforms for New Ideas

Greenlight Bookstore

Vol. 33 - Issue 7

A Fairytale of New York

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