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Here’s to Independence!

Vol. 32 - Issue 7

Celebrating Indies in Publishing, Bookselling, and More

Historical Novel Society Conference

Vol. 32 - Issue 5

September 5-7, 2014

Holiday Wish List

Vol. 30 - Issue 12

The Best Holiday Books of the Past Two Years

Honoring the Greats of Children’s Literature

Vol. 33 - Issue 10

A Night at the Carle Honors

Hot Off the Press: Le French Book

Vol. 30 - Issue 7

Bringing the Best of France Stateside

Hot Potato

Vol. 27 - Issue 1

Russ Baker's Journey Publishing and Promoting the Controversial FAMILY OF SECRETS

Hot Tips for Getting Book Endorsements

Vol. 23 - Issue 12

Bring word-of-mouth marketing to your book cover.

Hot Topic—YA Novels

Vol. 31 - Issue 8

Why the Young Adult Market is Booming

Hotel ABA in Brooklyn for 2007

Vol. 24 - Issue 9

Hotel ABA Registration Opens

Vol. 24 - Issue 11

How Being a Writer and a Psychotherapist Feed Each Other

Vol. 36 - Issue 2

An Award-Winning Author Shares Her Story

How Can Business Books Keep Pace?

Vol. 26 - Issue 3

The High-Tech Solution to the Business Book High-Tech Problem

How Not to Write Your First Book in 10 Difficult Steps

Vol. 34 - Issue 11

Advice from an IPPY-Winning Author

How to (Self) Publish

Vol. 30 - Issue 12

The Ins and Outs of Popular Publishing Paths

How to Become a Better Self-Editor

Vol. 35 - Issue 6

(Before Hiring a Professional)

How to Become a Self-Publisher

Vol. 36 - Issue 3

An Infographic

How to Break the Bestseller Lists with an Indie Series

Vol. 34 - Issue 10

Advice from an IPPY-Winning Author

How to Build Pre-Book Buzz

Vol. 32 - Issue 3

Marketing to the Industry Before Your Publication Date

How to Find a Literary Agent

Vol. 32 - Issue 2

The Manuscript, the Query, and More

How to get Booked on Oprah!

Vol. 20 - Issue 11

Here's what it really takes to get on the show and become a media sensation.

How to Price Your E-book and Survive in the Amazon

Vol. 29 - Issue 7

Three industry experts dispel our most common e-book selling fears.

How to Publicize Your Book: Publicity 101 for Authors

Vol. 21 - Issue 3

New book is an Insider's Guide to getting your book the attention it deserves.

How to Publish Your Content on LinkedIn

Vol. 33 - Issue 2

Harnessing the Professional Network's New Publishing Tool

How to Shop for Books This Holiday Season

Vol. 34 - Issue 12

Where to Buy for the Lit-Lover in Your Life

How We Choose Books for Review

Vol. 31 - Issue 9

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