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Audiobook News: 'Tis the Season For Listening

Vol. 19 - Issue 12

Top 10 Reasons Why Audiobooks Are The Gift This Season + Audiobook Rights Conference Announcement

AUDIOBOOK NEWS: APA Jumpstarts 2002 with Exciting Conferences; Frank Muller Benefit

Vol. 19 - Issue 13

1st Annual Rights Conference, 2nd Annual Buyers' Conference, and3rd Annual Audiobook Job Market set for February

Audiobook News: AudioFile Magazine Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Vol. 20 - Issue 8

A profile and conversation with founder and editor Robin Whitten

Audiobook News: Celebrate Black History Month With An Audiobook

Vol. 20 - Issue 2

APA Provides a Rich List of Titles

Audiobook News: Publishers to Release Audiobooks of Inspiration and Hope

Vol. 19 - Issue 11

Themes of courage, heroism, peace, faith, humanity, and patriotism expressed in new collections.


Vol. 18 - Issue 3

Audie Awards, Audiobook Month, APAC, BEA, Panels and Seminars, plus the New Audiobook Job Market are Among the Highlights of Spring 2000.

Audiobook Publishing News: The Sound of Reading

Vol. 19 - Issue 9

Audio Publishers Combine To Launch Major Industry Initiative; Timberwolf's Patrick Seaman Speaks Out

Audiobooks: Right Time, Right Place, Right Attitude

Vol. 19 - Issue 7

Audio Publishers Association Annual Gala celebrates top titles and personalities, user increases, and technological gains.


Vol. 20 - Issue 8

AudioFile Remains THE Only Magazine Devoted to Audiobooks

Author Branding 101: Engage Readers Every Way You Can

Vol. 19 - Issue 8

Savvy Authors Speak To Potential Book Buyers In-Person and Online

Author Finds Cancer Gifts from the Heart

Vol. 20 - Issue 11

450 Simple Ways to Make Your Family's Christmas More Meaningful

Author Launches 'Blook' Craze

Vol. 24 - Issue 9

Ex-CEO Turned Blogger Publishes his Internet Murder Mystery as a ‘Blook’

Author of University of Alberta Press Centennial Book Wins Prestigious Award

Vol. 23 - Issue 5

Author Seeks "The Right 25,000 People" to Prevent the Next Enron

Vol. 22 - Issue 9

Author-Artist Turns "You-ness" Into Book Publishing Success

Vol. 19 - Issue 12

Using talent, marketing skill, and life's inspirations to build a card and book empire

Authors & Publishers Join Together to Save Trees

Vol. 19 - Issue 13

Green Press Initiative encourages printing books on recycled paper

Authors and Domain Names

Vol. 33 - Issue 5

Claiming Rights to Personal Names, Titles, & Characters

Authors Guild Makes $6 Web Sites Available to Writers

Vol. 20 - Issue 8

Seeks to make Internet marketing tools "standard equipment" for authors throughlaunch of Discusses Changes Due to 9/11

Vol. 20 - Issue 9

Roundtable with authors who revised their booksafter the terrorist attacks Presents Author Summer Reading Lists Featuring More Than 100 Authors

Vol. 20 - Issue 8

What books will authors be taking to their hammocks this summer? Presents Native American Culture Author Roundtable

Vol. 20 - Issue 12

Event isin honor ofNative American Heritage Month

AWP Conference & Bookfair

Vol. 32 - Issue 1

Axiom Awards 2010 Photo Page

Vol. 28 - Issue 6

Axiom Awards 2012 Press Page

Vol. 30 - Issue 2

Axiom Awards 2013 Press Page

Vol. 31 - Issue 4

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