Any review is a good review because it results in ink. This exposure will bring in orders. As John Kremer says: "No one remembers the negativity of the review but they do remember the title of the book."


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Daily words of wisdom from Dan Poynter and other publishing industry experts. (Search on "tip" in archives for complete list.) - Today's Tip from Poynter: "Be Grateful for a Bad Review."

"Be Grateful for a Bad Review."

A bad review is better than no review.

Author Andrew Greeley comments, "Many book reviewers are mean spirited. Even if a reviewer likes a book, he or she must find fault and write snide and/or patronizing little asides about the author's character or motives that demonstrate the reviewer's intellectual and moral superiority."

While some readers may be discouraged from buying your book from a bad review, others will see through the review and buy the book because the subject interests them.

Few new products get the free publicity showered on books. Authors, publishers and booksellers owe a debt of thanks to reviewers. Hope for good ink and be grateful for bad ink. Ink is ink.

"Just write the best book you are capable of writing; then, take solace in the fact that most people do not buy books on the basis of any review they actually read." -Steve Wasserman, book editor, The Los Angeles Times.

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Know your "Achilles Tendon" words - those that trip you up every time. Pay special attention to them and make sure they don't slip by as typo's in your final drafts.

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