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Crazy Book Marketing Idea of the Month

This Month: Signs of the Times

Donald Seitz traveled for three years, looking for inspiration -- and humor – at churches all over America. What’s so funny about visiting a church? Well, depending on where you live or how much you drive, you may or may not know how many great comedy writers tell jokes through the signs outside their churches. Seitz, a gift product manufacturer, got inspired enough grab his camera, hit the road, and create the book, The Great American Book of Church Signs.
Subtle but affecting, they are the “signs of the times,” short, to the point, always thought-provoking and sometimes hilarious.

"It is one of the great American sermons out there. Most are inspirational; the best ones are inspirational and funny,” he told WSMV television in Nashville where he lives. See a video of the TV spot.

Some examples: “When Your Time is Up, Will God Say Well or Well Done?” and “Where Will You Be Spending Eternity - Smoking or Non-Smoking?”

The book has attracted much attention and has been featured on radio and TV, the AP Newswires, Scripps-Howard Newswires, and in newspapers as diverse as the Baltimore Sun, Washington Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Los Angeles Times.

Seitz himself has had a very diverse career as a kindergarten teacher, practicing attorney, and music publisher of hits by Toby Keith and Jamie Slocum. He is president of Sock And Roll Corporation, a leading manufacturer of original products for the gift industry, and lives in Nashville with his wife and six-year-old son.

Here is a photo of the BookExpo America booth:

Here is the book website:

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