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This Month: Launch an Organization
The International Association of Writers is a membership organization — and a model for how you can create an association around a book or business to extend your publicity efforts. Launching an organization such as the IAW can be a perfect way to get attention — from both the public and the media. Here’s how to do it:

Have a good answer to "Why?"
Be prepared with a good answer when people ask you, “Why start this organization?” (There are lots of great writing organizations — but only the IAW provides publicity assistance, such as a Speakers’ Bureau and Media Database of Experts; and it is these publicity vehicles that are a writer’s biggest asset in today’s economic climate.)

Lock in the website
Lock in the domain name for your association. When journalists do a story, usually the first thing they do is Google the topic. If you’re the director of an international association on your topic, with a website to match, you’re automatically going to be one of their first go-to sources.

Don’t be a one-person operation
It’s easy to let your personal expertise dominate a membership site, but don’t do it: Include information and input from the top experts in the field, even if they’re competitors. Partner with experts for articles, audios, and special reports — so that you’re providing a plethora of useful information to subscribers that would be hard to find elsewhere. (Check out the top names in the field that make up the International Association of Writers’ panel of contributors.)

Include perks that appeal to advertisers
Don’t forget advertisers. IAW has a calendar section where advertisers can list upcoming workshops and programs, and a jobs bank for open writing positions, among other things. Ad revenues can mean big bucks for a fledgling organization.

Become an information mecca
Provide enough information that you’re an info mecca for related industries. For example, literary agents look at the IAW because of the author query letters; journalists seek quotes via the media database of experts; editors look for freelance writers and ghostwriters for book projects; headhunters want writers to fill positions; meeting planners seek potential speakers; ezine and website editors look at the syndicated articles bank; bloggers look to see who’s making news… Find out what your clientele needs, and meet those needs.

Provide incentive for early adopters
Encourage advance membership signup by offering special incentives for anyone signing up early. For example, IAW offers three big bonuses — including participation in the Syndicated Articles Directory, the International Speakers’ Bureau, and the Database of Experts to the Media — absolutely free to writers who sign up before the November launch. Provide discounts or limited-availability extras for early adopters.

Define your audience wisely but widely
Zero in on your audience — but then define it as broadly as possible. Instead of an association of women writers, the IAW offers membership to both men and women; instead of a US-based association, the IAW is international in scope. Go after as wide a market as is appropriate — and then deliver to your promised audience.

Select an appropriate price point
Choose a membership fee that will work for a large percentage of your target audience. (IAW membership is $149, and includes a host of benefits that would cost much, much more if purchased separately.)

So consider launching an organization to help promote your book sales. And then come promote your business at the International Association of Writers!

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