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Indie Groundbreaking Book: Give Peace a Deadline

Peace on Earth - It's Not Just a Slogan Anymore
PEACE ON EARTH. Is it just a greeting card slogan we repeat each year at Christmastime, or could it become a reality?

“For many, peace is an elusive dream that has been out of reach for centuries,” say the authors of a pioneering new book. “True advances toward this communal goal have been few. A world without war has been in the hopes of so many countries, societies and leaders past and present that it almost seems impossible that peace has never come to fruition. Valiant efforts have been set forth, but never has there been a DEADLINE set for such a momentous stride, till now.”

In their new book, Give Peace a Deadline: What Ordinary People Can Do To Cause World Peace in Five Years (Greenleaf, Feb. 2009), authors Nathan Otto and Amber Lupton promise that in five years, they will have helped in obtaining world peace. By adopting “action through access,” a trailblazing approach to activism, the authors are building on technological advances in both communication and collaboration to present a well-defined plan to end global conflict. By applying business disciplines, such as professional management and result measurement to the peace making process, Nathan and Amber have ignited a revolution for global peace that will attract a broad range of peace seekers ready for immediate action and results.

“Through our connections with world leaders, major corporations, peace activists and international media, we’ve developed a broad marketing platform for our peace program,” says Otto. “This is the beacon of hope that is desperately needed in tumultuous times.”

Otto and Lupton consider their concept much more than an idea for a book, and trust the innovative movement will create ground-breaking results.

The peace deadline clock starts at midnight on February 14, 2009, and to help kick off the countdown, five worldwide launch parties will take place, complete with live internet feed from every party. Confirmed launch party locations are Los Angeles, New York and Beirut, Lebanon and two additional cities will be announced soon.

Here are the basics:
“We are P5Y FOR PEACE IN FIVE YEARS, a global movement to abolish war. Like just about everyone, we want peace. To get it, we are clearly defining peace and giving it a definite deadline. We are NOT defining peace as: an end to all violence, or that everyone is going to be nice, the end to conflict. We are defining peace as: an end to politically organized violence.”

“War is organized, and peace has been disorganized. P:5Y offers online and other tools for collaboration to end war and promote peace. Our thrilling invitation is to participate in making history, to end this humanitarian and environmental disaster we call war. You can take humanity to the next level of what is possible for all of us. Imagine what is possible for you in a world free from war. World Peace has a deadline. The Five Year countdown begins February 14th at midnight.”

Six ways you can personally promote peace:
  • Log onto P5Y on February 14th and register yourself as a peacemaker in action

  • Read Give Peace A Deadline to educate yourself and friends on peace

  • Celebrate and connect to humanity with a peace-gathering the night of February 14th

  • Email info@P5Y.org to receive the launch video, peace-music, and peace-practices to start taking action

  • Ring a bell at midnight to bring in the new era

  • Take pictures holding a Peace in Five Years sign with the name of your city and email them to P5Y and your social-network

  • “Worldwide safety is everyone’s concern—families, businesses, students, military personnel, politicians. None of us are safe until the whole human family is safe.”

    * * * * *
    About the Authors:
    Nathan Otto the grandson of Bill and Vieve Gore, visionary founders of W.L.Gore and Associates, a $3 billion dollar family owned business. After several successful internet ventures, Otto founded a consultancy Plenable Solutions and teaches inheritors how to align their contributions with their core values.

    Amber Lupton is an expert in personal development and transformation who has studied with teachers as diverse as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Ken Wilber. She leads workshops all over the world and is the cofounder, with Nathan Otto, of DharmaMix, an internet based social venture transformational media company.

    Give Peace A Deadline: What Ordinary People Can Do To Cause World Peace in Five Years, by Nathan Otto & Amber Lupton
    (Greenleaf Book Group Press) February 2009
    $22.95; Hardcover; ISBN 978-1-929774-86-9