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"Freedom Watch is the only group that speaks through actions, rather than just words. We are dedicated to not only preserving freedom, but redefining its meaning, from protecting our rights to privacy, free speech, civil liberties, liberty from foreign oil and crooked business, labor and government officials, protecting our national sovereignty against the incompetent, terrorist state controlled United Nations, and reestablishing the rule of law in what has become a very corrupt American legal system, where justice is only as good as your lawyer and judge – most of whom are compromised ethically and otherwise." "In the image of John Adams, our second and one of our finest presidents, without ethics, morality and religion there will be no lasting freedom. Using these principles, President Ronald Reagan, centuries later, took on the 'evil empire' of the Soviet Union and established some freedom even in that communist state. He restored pride and vision to this country in the process." "Our greatest challenge as we face a deep economic crisis, a government that spends our tax dollars like a drunken sailor, and a new Obama-Clinton regime that is using the economic crisis as an excuse to turn our nation into a socialist Euro-style welfare state, is to remain constant to the principles of our founding fathers; not only Adams, but Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and others who put their lives on the line for our freedom." See and hear Larry Klayman in action on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect."


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Indie News Flash! - New Chapter Publisher to Release Book HarperCollins Felt was Too Hot to Handle

Larry Klayman’s ‘WHORES’ Exposes the Beltline’s Seamy Underbelly
Larry Klayman’s book WHORES: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment, a hard-hitting expose about corruption, abuse and lapsed ethics in the U.S. government, judiciary and media, will finally see the light of day. The book, originally to be published by HarperCollins and dropped because it was considered “too hot to handle,” is due to be released in October by New Chapter Publisher, an independent press in Sarasota, Florida.

WHORES was originally signed by Judith Regan of ReganBooks, an imprint of HarperCollins, in the fall of 2007 but was put on hold after the fiasco over the O.J. Simpson biography. Finally, HarperCollins announced that they would publish WHORES in December 2008. Pre-sales for the book were already coming in at both Amazon and on Klayman’s Freedom Watch website. Shortly thereafter, Klayman received notification by letter that the book had been cancelled.

According to Klayman, “I could only guess that Rupert Murdoch, the owner of HarperCollins, had killed the book ex post facto. Given my criticism of his network, Fox News…I figured he had something to do with pulling the plug. In any case, Murdoch and Harper had apparently decided that WHORES was too hot to handle.”

Klayman is well-known in Washington as a watchdog and thorn in the side of many of DC’s elite because of his relentless pursuit of reform, no matter which political party. In WHORES, he provides startling answers to some of Washington’s most controversial issues including:

  • How Bill Clinton and George W. Bush gave the U.S. Barack Obama
  • How Monica Lewinsky saved the Clinton presidency
  • The racism in the Clinton, Bush and now Obama administration
  • Why our judiciary is compromised and corrupt
  • How Bush and Cheney left the nation and world in ruins
  • Why the Saudis, Chavez and high oil prices are protected by all presidents

  • Klayman's portraits of the likes of Janet Reno, Fred Thompson, Arlen Spector, Judge Denny Chin (who recently presided over the Madoff trial) and other Clinton insiders Klayman considers unethical, and who have come back to power in the Obama administration, reveal not always flattering sides of their well-cultivated images. Klayman also has choice words to say about media figures such as Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Paula Zahn, and he accuses media mogul Rupert Murdoch of sandbagging the original publication of WHORES by HarperCollins because of the book's negative portrait of Roger Ailes and Fox News.

    Above all, WHORES is an impassioned plea for reform of our judicial system with a number of provocative suggestions. Klayman, 57, is a former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor who made a name for himself in the 1990s as the head of Judicial Watch, a conservative group that filed scores of cases against the Clinton administration, contending long-standing cover-ups. He is the only lawyer ever to have obtained a court ruling that a U.S. president committed a crime.

    Midpoint Trade Books is handling the national distribution of WHORES. President Eric Kampmann could not be more enthusiastic: "With confidence in Washington plummeting, here comes Larry Klayman with an explosive expose of corruption at the highest levels and in all branches of our federal government. Klayman names names and pulls no punches. It is no secret that Larry Klayman is feared and hated in Washington, which is why the reading public will love him."

    Piero Rivolta, Publisher of New Chapter, an internationally-known businessman and author, who took on WHORES because he believes that freedom is not only a right, but a duty, says, “In these trying times, we need to encourage candid and creative thought for the good of the nation. I believe that WHORES is the kind of cutting edge book that will wake people up, provoke important thought and dialogue.”