Take Your Fish Oil!

Here is an article about Fish Oil as a nutritional supplement, written by Dr. Iverson in reaction to a study about fish oil reducing the risk of breast cancer. "Nature has provided what we need for good health. Fish oils are from fish. They are one of the few supplements that are not manufactured in the laboratory from synthetic chemicals. Yes indeed! The majority of multivitamins on the market are made from synthetic chemicals no different than prescription medications. Fish oils are concentrated from the fish itself. Inherently it would be even better to follow Nature’s path and eat the fish whole, although in my experience, we are exposed to so many inflammatory factors that adding extra fish oil is often necessary to neutralize the inflammation. "Yes you should be concerned about the company that is selling fish oil because of the contaminants. The government has standards against a certain level of mercury but typically the cheapest brands will not be as clean as the slightly more expensive or professional brands (those you can only buy through a doctor or pharmacy.) "This is another good reason to take your fish oils (EPA/DHA) regularly and choose the better quality brands. I commonly recommend patients to take cod liver oil because of the added benefit of the vitamin A and vitamin D which has profound effects on immunity and mucous membranes. Commonly I will recommend about 3 grams twice daily for an adult. "Your grandmother knew best! Open wide :)" Check out Dr. Iverson's health article archive.


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Indie Groundbreaking Book: Nature's Diet

New Book Champions the Healing Power of Nature

Andrew Iverson grew up on a farm in rural Washington State, loving the outdoors and all its natural wonders. He treated the world around him like a giant science experiment, learning how to cross-pollinate flowers and growing plants from cuttings. He couldn’t decide what he wanted to become more, a doctor or a farmer. Years later, while at university, Andrew met a naturopathic doctor who healed with nutritional and botanical medicines that helped patients’ bodies heal themselves. Andrew’s own mother was one of those healed by “Doc Ken,” after enduring years of health problems unsolved by conventional treatments. Andrew began studying with Ken, and was amazed by “healing miracles” in which people who’d suffered for years were gradually improving and even saw their symptoms disappear altogether.

“I knew that I wanted to be a part of this and help people as he was helping people,” says Dr. Iverson. “I realized that I could be both a doctor and work with patients and a farmer and work with plants. My childhood dream was fulfilled.” Now, after years of having his own practice and performing his own miracles with patients – often by simply changing their diets -- Dr. Iverson has decided to share with others what he found is making people better. “I just couldn’t keep this to myself any longer,” he says. 

Nature’s Diet: Heal Your Body and Stay Healthy by Following Nature’s Simple 21-Day Plan, is Dr. Iverson’s attempt to help readers “reclaim their health through natural foods and Biochemical Individuality.” The book connects the proven concept of Biochemical Individuality with an everyday eating plan. “Most people in our society have not been taught that their food choices can affect their health,” says Dr. Iverson. “The majority of my patients wouldn’t have needed to see me at all if they were already following Nature’s Diet as a daily practice. Our body can heal itself, and in this book I show people how.”

Written in a plain-spoken, conversational style, Dr. Iverson introduces the program, and then breaks it into a 21-chapter action plan, with a couple of new habits to start each day. Keeping a food diary, organizing your time, and tips for better exercise and sleep are all included. “Unlike fad diets, I show readers how to make their enthusiasm and commitment last a lifetime through the power of their brain. Patients in my practice who honestly examine their current habits are the ones who always make extreme lifestyle changes and see the most results.”

Natures Diet is based on the healing power of nature to mend and regenerate the body with clean air, pure water, wholesome food, movement exercise, sweating, hydrotherapy, sunbathing, botanical cleansing, fasting, prayer, meditation and rest. The ironic part is there is nothing “new” or “cutting edge” about Nature’s Diet. According to Dr. Iverson, what is “new” is the food we eat today!

“We have replaced our ancestor’s food for processed food and our forefathers' plant medicine with drugs and the result has been a disaster. Nature’s Diet is literally remembering what it is we have forgotten the last 130 years -- that Nature provides everything we need.” “If you look around you it is clear that Nature continues to persevere despite our poor stewardship of the Earth. This book is modeled after how the rest of the animals live on this planet. It takes into account our own "biochemical individuality" based on our genetics, geographic location, and physical activity. Most importantly, Nature’s Diet is based on my real life clinical experience and my mentor's 40 years of clinical experience before me. I use it with my own patients and I see its benefits daily.”

“Just think about it. What did your grandmother’s grandmother do whenever she had an ailment? Well, she couldn’t turn to a drug since the first antibiotic didn’t come until the 1920’s and Tylenol not until the 1950’s. Your grandmother’s grandmother likely used food and plants as her medicine. In just over 60 years we have produced more than 15,000 types of medications and there is no end in sight. We are exposing our cells to hundreds of thousands of environmental chemicals that they have never seen in all of history. The effects we are just beginning to understand and the consensus is not favorable.”

“I have had the great opportunity to do outreach medicine and nutritional education throughout Central and South America. I seek out traditional healers so I may learn what they use for medicine on their people. Most people in developing countries are average weight or thin and very few are considered overweight. You do not commonly see the children drinking cans of pop or juice drinks or eating bags of chips or candy -- mainly because they don’t have any extra money to eat that stuff. These people rely on their traditional foods for sustenance and their local plants for medicine.” “Many of our physical symptoms today are really messages from the body saying to us, ‘Hey you! Wake up! I’m trying to tell you to change your life!’ The best way to treat these symptoms is with nutrition, not a drug. This would result in a cure rather than just a “cover up” or palliation of symptoms.

“Natural medicine treats the whole organism -- the whole person. It works by nourishing the body so that it is has the proper nutrients needed for repair and detoxification. For example, instead of just fighting an infection with something that kills the infection, Natural medicine also works by making the body’s immune system stronger so it can defeat the infection itself; just as Nature intended.”

Besides being about how to eat correctly, Nature’s Diet covers health maladies like food allergies, digestive complaints, hormone imbalances, fatigue, anxiety and depression, insomnia, sexual dysfunction and more serious conditions like auto-immune disease, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. There is a large discussion on cleansing and detoxification, including the names of chemicals to avoid in your foods and your household products. It covers the benefit of botanical cleanses, colonics, and fasting, as effective methods in eliminating toxins. “I specifically wrote it with the average American in mind,” says Dr. Iverson.

“Most of my patients had no idea they were not eating properly. We as a nation have not been educated on how our diet affects their health. We have lost our forefather’s wisdom on the importance of eating home-grown nutritious food for good health.” “All that is required is an open mind and a desire to want to be healthier. This book is for the individual struggling with their accumulating health symptoms and frustrated with modern medicine’s approach of prescribing another pill. After a few short weeks of eating correctly, my patients are amazed with the results in their body by simply following Nature’s Diet.”

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Nature’s Diet: Heal Your Body and Stay Healthy by Following Nature’s Simple 21-Day Plan
by Andrew Iverson, N.D.
Trillium Health Press, Tacoma, WA
www.TrilliumHealth.com 312 page hardcover; $24.95
ISBN: 9780984472406

About the Author: Dr. Andrew Iverson’s medical expertise lies in the fields of nutritional medicine for chronic disease. He specializes in nutritional medicine, pH balance, detoxification through fasting and botanical formulation. Dr. Iverson earned a B.A. in Physiological Psychology and Pre-Medicine from University of Washington in Seattle, a Masters in Medical Botany from the School of Natural Healing in Provo, Utah and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He travels the world extensively and treating the sick and teaching local people about the importance of nutrition and how to use local plants as home remedies. He has learned extensive plant medicine from renowned American and European Herbalists which he applies in his own clinic. His knowledge has been accentuated by having the rare privilege to work with native people exchanging knowledge on herbal treatments around the world. Some of his outdoor classrooms have lead him to native healers from aboriginal tribes of Australia's outback, the Andes mountains in Peru, the remote jungle villages of Ghana, Africa, and a tribal medicine man from the Caribbean islands. He is the founder and director of TRILIUM HEALTH, a successful holistic health clinic in Tacoma, Washington. Books in progress include the Nature’s Diet Cookbook, written in partnership with his mother; a book dedicated to cleansing called Nature’s Detox; and a couple other books that emphasize the impact of stress and emotions on the physical body. Find out more at www.drandrewiverson.com or www.triliumhealth.com. See Dr. Iverson being interviewed on San Diego Morning News Fox 5, filmed live on January 5, 2011. Part 1 - Part 2